Friday, May 27, 2005

BRIDAL SHOP TAKES MANHATTAN The legendary Kleinfeld wedding gown emporium is moving in to the neighborhood of's world headquarters!
The new store, just west of Manhattan's Ladies' Mile shopping district, will be 35,000 square feet, with roughly double the selling space of the current store to accommodate what officials say is a rapidly expanding business. [...] "We're taking what we have here in Brooklyn, which may be a little dated," he continued, and putting it into "a grander, more theatrical environment." Visits to the Manhattan flagship will be, as always, by appointment only, company officials said, and the new store will be designed by Paul Taylor of Stonehill & Taylor, a leading hotel architect. There will be dozens of selection and fitting rooms, all outfitted with intricate lighting and lead-free mirrors so as not to distort the white, ecru and Champagne hues in the gowns, Mr. Rothstein said. But no longer will the lines of would-be brides snake around the corner of Fifth Avenue and 82nd Street in Brooklyn, offering many of them their first glimpse of a borough they knew only from Spike Lee movies and reruns on television of "Welcome Back, Kotter."
A bit sad in some ways. But a welcome change for New York brides.
DELAYED HONEYMOONS? looks into the trend toward putting honeymoons off for at least a few weeks. Among the article's points:
Some couples just want to take the time to get their life in order. They might be moving to a new home, or a new state. They might be studying for their bar or medical board exams. It might be the crazy-busy season at work. Whatever major stresses they're already under can pass, and then the honeymoon can be enjoyed 100 percent with all that activity behind them. Waiting could mean that you can take a longer honeymoon. When you consider that you have 2 weeks of vacation time at work (or less) each year, you may have already burned up a week of that time with other things, such as other wedding week events, and traveling to prepare for a distance wedding. That only leaves you with a week for your honeymoon. If you can wait until the next calendar year – which might be only a month or two away – you can take that 10-day cruise you've been dreaming about.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

TONS OF NEW STUFF is now selling a bunch of new items.

There are new pink and green votive candle holders; there are cases of favor-sized jams and honey.

There's even a new light blue favor bag.

Check 'em out!

Friday, May 13, 2005

SETTING A FANCY TABLE The Seattle Times gives readers the lowdown:
• Salad plates. Place these in front of guests at the center of the setting. If you don't have salad plates, guests can use their dinner plates for salad. • Napkins. Fold and place in the center of the plate, at the left of the plate or folded creatively in the glassware. • Flatware. Set the table so guests eat with utensils from the outside in: the salad fork on the outside of the dinner fork, both to the left of the dinner plate; the knife to the right of the dinner plate and the spoon to the right of the knife. The dessert fork and spoon, if you have them, should be placed horizontally at the top of the plate, the bowl of the spoon facing left and the prongs of the fork facing right. • Glassware. Glasses go on the right.
There's more.
RUNAWAY BRIDE ETIQUETTE Time Magazine posts "the 13 questions Emily Post never thought of answering" about runaway bride etiquette. Funny, but silly. Among them:
7. Any tips on honeymoon destinations? Some words of caution for anyone planning an escape to Las Vegas: don't believe them when they say, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." Cable news stations are poised to report anything you do there, and also in Albuquerque, N.M.
WEDDING FLOWERS Chicago's local ABC TV affiliate runs a story with advice about picking wedding flowers. (Of course, you can always skip the flowers completely and just use votive candles in votive holders.)

Friday, May 06, 2005

BRIDAL GOWN PRESERVATION BellaOnline has some interesting tips:
Do not take your gown to a dry cleaning service. Dry cleaners would like you to believe that their service is best, but in fact, you can do a better job yourself for less than what they charge. When your gown is dry cleaned, damaging dry cleaning fluid becomes trapped in the garment fibers. After an extended period of time, especially when sealed in an airtight box, this fluid may seriously degrade the fabric.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

RED CHINESE TAKEOUT BOXES We've received a number of requests for this item in the past, and we're happy to have finally added it to our line.

100 red pint boxes for $15.88 at! Get 'em while they're hot!