Friday, April 22, 2005

WEDDING OF THE WEEK Courtesy of the Hagerstown, Maryland Herald-Mail:
For the past nine years, Jeanne Doney-Gladhill has ushered people down the aisles of the Maryland Theatre. On Saturday, she'll walk herself down one of those aisles in a wedding gown. Doney-Gladhill is marrying another volunteer theater usher, Tom Thivierge, whom she's been dating for about six years. The couple has a house together in Funkstown. "It's the only way I'll ever be on stage," Doney-Gladhill said with a laugh. [...] Pat Wolford, executive director of the theater, said a wedding was held at the theater about 10 years ago, but it isn't a common occurrence, mainly because it is an expensive facility to rent. But in this case, Wolford said, "The crews that would normally have to be paid are all volunteering to put on the wedding." "It's kind of like an extended family wedding," she said.
Here's the link.

Friday, April 15, 2005

PLACE YOUR BETS Can the Farmer's Almanac be used to predict the weather on your wedding day? The Baxter Bulletin seems to think so.
MORE ON FINANCES has posted a quiz on finances for young couples.

Friday, April 08, 2005

NEWLYWED FINANCE PRIMER Ray Auclair, writing in the Woonsocket Call, has some financial advice for young couples:
Do not keep secrets about debts or credit problems. Bad credit records or bankruptcies may affect your ability to finance a new house or car, how you hold title property and the way you file taxes. Disclose any financial baggage you are bringing to the relationship before the wedding. Surprising your partner with a $30,000 credit card bill as a wedding present is a sure-fire way to destroy trust. [...] Decide how to pay the bills. The first practical challenge of your financial "merger" is choosing joint or separate checking accounts - or both. The act of paying household expenses from one account is the ultimate "what’s mine is yours" statement.Some couples have no problem plunging into the responsibility and liability of a shared checking account. Others believe they are retaining their independence by keeping their checking accounts and financial identities separate.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

LUKE AND STEPHANIE The couple married in New York back in 2002, but their attractive wedding website is still worth a look.

Of particular note are the site's instructions for turning votive candle holders into attractive place cards.