Friday, May 27, 2005

DELAYED HONEYMOONS? looks into the trend toward putting honeymoons off for at least a few weeks. Among the article's points:
Some couples just want to take the time to get their life in order. They might be moving to a new home, or a new state. They might be studying for their bar or medical board exams. It might be the crazy-busy season at work. Whatever major stresses they're already under can pass, and then the honeymoon can be enjoyed 100 percent with all that activity behind them. Waiting could mean that you can take a longer honeymoon. When you consider that you have 2 weeks of vacation time at work (or less) each year, you may have already burned up a week of that time with other things, such as other wedding week events, and traveling to prepare for a distance wedding. That only leaves you with a week for your honeymoon. If you can wait until the next calendar year – which might be only a month or two away – you can take that 10-day cruise you've been dreaming about.


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