Friday, January 20, 2006

WEDDING FATIGUE? The Indianapolis Star runs an amusing piece about the tendency of newlyweds to put off finalizing their wedding albums:
Like many brides-to-be, Solomon, Lorrain and Frerking spent months planning every detail of their weddings. But when it came time for the final task -- completing their commemorative photo albums -- they lost the will to complete the task. Some newlyweds blame their hectic schedules, others a nagging quest for perfection. Whatever a couple's excuse may be, the phenomenon is so common that it's hard to find a wedding photographer who hasn't seen a marriage end before the wedding album was completed.
Okay, that part's not so amusing.
Many couples assume that with the help of scanners, color printers and software programs like Photoshop, they can and should achieve professional-looking albums without paying the experts. But they forget to consider how long it might take. Blair says many brides pick up their negatives, thinking they'll teach themselves to make perfect prints.
Read the whole thing here.


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