Friday, January 06, 2006

PROPOSAL MISTAKES WABC in New York brings us a list of what it calls the five most common proposal mistakes. Among them:
2. It's not about you Planning a proposal he or she will love is all about tailoring your approach to what will surprise and delight the person being asked, not what you envision to be the ultimate scenario. Opposites often do attract, and if you are gregarious and your sweetie is very private, popping the question in front of a crowd may mortify her. Her focus will be on everyone staring her down, not the sparkly stone you're offering. (If you're not sure what she'd prefer, reread mistake #1. Maybe you need to spend more time together!)

3. Too complicated Attempt an elaborate proposal at your own risk. Like weddings and love itself, popping the question is far from an exact science. Is a plan that hinges on an event (or series of events) happening on cue worth the stress of obsessing about it? If something as simple as a traffic jam or rainstorm can totally ruin your plan, scrap it. Remember, you need to be relaxed and as "in the moment" as she is.


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