Friday, August 26, 2005

MARRIAGE, L.A. STYLE From The Los Angeles Times:
On Saturday I will be a groomsman at what can only be described as a very L.A. wedding: It will feature English and Spanish, rap and marimba, Rick James and Celia Cruz.


The future Mr. and Mrs. Hall say it has taken creativity to incorporate both cultures into their festivities. For the father-daughter dance, Karina will dance a traditional Guatemalan marimba. The groom has requested that his groomsmen move down the aisle to one of his favorite rap songs, while the bridesmaids will enter to a ballad by the Spanish-speaking Italian pop star Laura Pausini. The wedding will have two emcees, one who will speak Spanish and the other English. The couple also requested that I say grace in both languages. (I have reluctantly accepted. But fair warning: My prayer may be more eloquent in English.)


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