Friday, August 12, 2005

THE BRIDESMAID BLUES From the Asbury Park Press:
Always a bridesmaid and never a bride — it's a more expensive cliche than most realize. At the final fitting for her bridesmaid dress, Tammy Toporek is trying on a deep red strapless A-line with red shoes dyed to match the dress and costing more than $300. Toporek spent more than $1,300 to be in her friend Melissa Peterson's wedding — excluding a professional hair styling. Such spending isn't unusual. Being a bridesmaid costs more than buying a dress you'll probably only wear once. Being in a wedding party often means attending a bachelor or bachelorette party, contributing time and money to the bridal shower, having your hair professionally done, traveling to the wedding and ponying up for a hotel room. Lastly, don't forget the gift.
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