Friday, July 01, 2005

EARTH-FRIENDLY WEDDING TREND? The Wilmington News-Journal thinks one is developing:
Communiqu├ęs offers personalized and handmade invitations. Falkowski notes an increase of environmentally friendly invitations within the past six months, including a recent request for soy-based ink. Paper can be composed of either tree-free fibers or recycled material, and some are inkjet guaranteed. One company's handmade paper contains flower seeds so that guests may plant them. It's easy to honor thyself and thy guests with menu diversity. Glenn Wootten of Appleton Catering in New Castle composes typical wedding buffets in addition to both vegan menus, which have no animal byproducts, and vegetarian ones, which may include dairy.
We haven't detected this trend. Is the News-Journal on to something?


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