Friday, March 11, 2005

ASK AMY GETS SASSY From a recent column:
Dear Amy: I was asked to address my own thank-you envelope when I was at a bridal shower recently. I did not fill one out because I do not agree with it. I guess I will not get a "thank-you" for the gift I gave. Am I being too touchy about this? I thought it was tacky. Is this a new trend for showers? - Perplexed on Protocol

Dear Perplexed: Why didn't the prospective bride just have you write the note too? Then she could be assured that it was lovely and heartfelt and arrived in a timely fashion. I know what the shower host is thinking here--she thoughtfully wants to get everything right, but part of the beauty of getting things right is the quiet, behind-the-scenes effort it takes to get there. I have heard of this practice, but am not sure if it's a trend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, We did this for my best friends baby shower. Before she got there and while the guests were arriving we had them write their name and address on the envelope, this way our friend could fill out the cards and just place them in the envelopes. It actually worked out great because when she had the baby, while she was in the hospital she was able to write out all her thank you cards and just slip them into the pre filled out envelope with out having to call people for their address. I am not sure about a bridal shower, but in the case of the baby shower it worked out excellent and the guests didnt seem to mind a bit. I mean she still took the time to fill out all the cards and thank each person personally for everything that they did for her. I think maybe it was a little bit of over reaction on your part.

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