Friday, November 26, 2004

SOLDIERS DOWN THE AISLE Here's a remarkable story out of Cape Cod, Massachusetts about a pair of soldiers who met in January, got married on Monday, and are shipping off to Iraq today:
Moreno and Zavalcofsky started dating and by April, following news that they would be shipped from Germany to Iraq at the end of the month, the young couple decided to get engaged. "I remember when I first saw her I thought she had the most beautiful eyes," said Zavalcofsky, 21, of Brewster, kissing his new bride delicately on the cheek. "She just made me feel good without trying." One week later the couple left for Iraq. "It just made sense," said Moreno, who says her days in Iraq are lightened by Zavalcofsky's company. "If we had to be there I wanted Joe to be my husband."
Read the rest here.


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