Thursday, October 21, 2004

CASHING IN The "Miss Conduct" column in Boston Globe's weekly magazine discusses an issue that the folks here at have been debating for months:
We have been invited to a wedding, and on the bottom of the invitation is printed: "No boxed gifts please." What does that mean? —ANONYMOUS
Miss Conduct's answer?
The wedding couple wants only cash or checks. This is tres tacky, and if you want to ignore the request, go right ahead. A wedding invitation should never include gift instructions. If the couple just doesn't want or need another cappuccino machine and is, say, saving to make a down payment on a first home, the proper way to spread the news that cash is preferred is by word of mouth. If guests contact the couple's parents or bridal attendants and ask what the couple needs, the parents and attendants can relay the message. The guest has discretion to go along with this request or select a so-called boxed gift.
It's a tricky area, but on balance we agree with Miss Conduct's take here. We'd advise against including gift instructions on an invitation.

Anyone disagree?


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