Sunday, June 06, 2004

NY TIMES WEDDING ARTICLE There's an amusing article in the Sunday, June 6 edition of The New York Times focusing on over-the-top wedding trends like $5,000 cakes and $500 freeze-dried bouquets.

It's enough to send any bride-to-be into a panic attack.

Still, there are a couple kernels of sensible, practical advice. Among them:

Mindy Weiss, a Beverly Hills party planner who helped the actress Kate Beckinsale with her May nuptials, and [Jessica] Simpson in 2002, said she gets e-mail messages every week from brides-to-be asking how they can have a wedding like Ms. Simpson's on a budget of less than $20,000. Ms. Weiss advises them to scatter candles around the room.
The article is here. (And candles can be found here.)


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